Lutowiska [pronunced lou-toh-’vee-scar] is a picturesque village in Bieszczady. The village is the administrative centre of the largest and at the same time the least populated non-metropolitan council in Poland. Lutowiska lies in the buffer zone of Bieszczady National Park – exactly halfway between Ustrzyki Górne and Ustrzyki Dolne.

The village was founded in the 16th century and until the Second World War it was home to a thriving multinational community – mainly Rhutenians, Poles and Jews. On the outskirts of the village you can still find a Jewish cemetery, which is the second largest Jewish cemetery in the region.

The fields near our estate provided the scenery for the famous Polish period drama Pan Wołodyjowski. The windows of our houses give the most beautiful view over Bieszczady’s fells and the Tarnica peak. On top of that, our houses are located just next to the trail leading up the majestic massif of Otryt.